3-Point PTO Driven
Mist Sprayer


General Use

Pastures, Rangeland, Fence Rows, Road Ditches, Right of Way & Margin Areas, Spraying Livestock, Livestock Confinements (Dairy Barns, Dry Lots, Feedlots, Hogs, Poultry), Fruits, Vegetables, Truck Produce, Vineyards, Orchards, Groves, Golf Courses, Nurseries/Greenhouses, Windbreaks, Nut Trees, Tree Farms, Crops, Insects (Flies, Mosquitoes, Ticks)

Standard Features 

  • Extra Heavy Duty 3-Point frame with stump jumper design, powder coat painted, pre-punched fork lift compatible frame (lift from all sides)
  • Category I, II, and III narrow quick hitch compatible(Only Sprayer in the Market)
  • PTO Shaft (540 RPM-30 hp gasoline or 15 hp diesel engine minimum required)
  • 60 gallon poly tank (227 Liter)
  • Belt Driven 6-roller cast pump (up to 22 GPM - 75 LPM) This workhorse pump easily transfers water and agricultural liquids. It is excellent for applying soluble powders, emulsions, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.
  • Empty Weight-521 lbs., Full Weight-1021 lbs.
  • Complete plumbing accessories - line strainer, pressure regulator, and glycerin filled pressure gauge (98% more accurate than air filled)
  • Electric liquid flow on/off solenoid valve, switch and wiring harness
  • Class III Fans with Safety Rings (Extends fan life 3-5 years) with 4-Nozzle Poly Cannon Volute
  • Side mounted Safety Control Center with pressure regulator & gauge, tank drain valve and garden house back flush system
  • 2" x 8" hydraulic cylinder for 210 degree fan/volute rotation (Hydraulic Hoses NOT included)
  • Dimensions-49"L x 35"W x 57.5"H Frame Width-32"
  • Vertical Throw-75-90 ft., Horizontal Throw-80-140 ft.



A1 Mist Sprayer's high and low volume mist sprayers create smaller mist size particles for more uniform coverage...Over, Under, and Around plant foliage, livestock, and fixed objects, in a 0-140 ft. air stream that stays low to the ground for the best control and uniform coverage.

Upgrade Options

11 Nozzle Vertical Volute With Adjustable Air Fins To Direct Air Volume


10 Nozzle 2-Way Orchard/Vineyard Volute


Hand Gun Kit
Hose Reel & Hand Gun Kit
25', 50', or 100' & 2 types of hand guns to choose from


40 gallon (151 Liter) Tank
100 gallon (329 Liter) Tank


All Terminator 3-Point Units Feature
Cast Iron 6-Roller Pumps
Stainless Steel Pumps Are Optional

Optional Electric Diaphragm Pump
Electric diaphragm 5 or 7 Gallon Per Minute Pumps. Roundup Ready!

Comet APS41 Diaphragm Pump Optional
High pressure, three diaphragm pump that is constructed of anodized aluminum


 Ask Us About Hydraulic Hoses & Jet Agitation

A1 Mist Sprayers Contributes to Charity! We will donate a portion of your purchase amount to your choice of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital or the Wounded Warrior Project.

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