Broad Leaf Spraying
How is a mist sprayer more effective than boom spraying when it comes to insecticide and fertilizer spraying? Learn more about the factor that puts an A1 Mist Sprayer a cut above the rest for broad leaf spraying!



An A1 Mist Sprayer is assisted by air volume, creating an air vortex that allows for targeted spraying. This air vortex deposits droplets on the top and bottom sides of the targeted spraying area, allowing for more efficiency in insecticide and foliar fertilizer spraying.

The A1 Mist Sprayer provides you with more uniform coverage, with no streaks or missed spots. This is next to impossible to achieve with conventional boom or aerial spraying methods, making a mist sprayer your top choice for more efficient and even spraying coverage.



An added bonus that allows for even more targeted spraying is the A1 exclusive 2-way volute. The 2-way volute is specifically designed to allow growers to reach rows on both sides of the mist sprayer simultaneously.

Ideal applications with a 2-way volute include: nut trees, vineyards, fruit and vegetable vine crops, orchards and more!



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