Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are subject to attack by a number of insects and mites. Some are mainly nuisance pests while others can kill trees or severely reduce tree quality. The type, frequency, and severity of insect attack normally varies with host, location, and season. Virtually every Christmas tree planting will have some type of insect problem between establishment and harvest. Christmas trees are easily affected by fungus, especially needlecasts. Mist Sprayers allow you to cover more square inches of surface area on trees. You can blow through, around, and over trees AND get outstanding results.

Christmas tree growers have found that the A1 Mist Sprayer to be more efficient than any other sprayer method. It is also much less expensive They have found that they can reduce fungicide application rates by 30-35% while retaining effectiveness. Growers have effectively treated for insects and diseases while using as little as 5-6 gallons of spray per acre.

Common Christmas Tree Insect Pest

Shoot, Limb & Trunk Pests
Pine Tip Moths
Dioryctria Spp.
Black Turpentine Beetle
Pales & Pitch- Eating Weevil
White Pine Weevil
Deodar Weevil

Pine Webworm
Pine Colaspis Pine Chafer


Sucking Insects
Pine Needles
Pine Tortoise Scales
Pine Spittlesbugs