Dairy Fly Control

House flies, stable flies and blow flies are dairy cattle pests that are kept in dry lots, free stall barns and calf hutches. These flies breed in bedding, manure, spilled feed, dirt and organic matter. Horn flies can reduce milk production in dairy cows 10-25%. Face flies transmit disease and are the carrier of pink-eye. Mist sprayers can be used to spray directly on the animal to penetrate the hide and kill flies.

Mist sprayers are the most efficient way to apply pesticides to areas where flies are concentrated because the uniform droplets can be directed to the target area with a controlled air vortex to kill flies on contact. Use an A1 Mist Sprayer to cover dry lots, free stall barns, calf hutches, trees and vegetation around pens and buildings…all of which are places for flies to harbor.

The key to insect control in dairy premises is to alternate knockdown and residual spray applications throughout the fly season to reduce adult fly populations with a knockdown spray in one week and then apply residual sprays in the following week to limit emerging females that begin to deposit eggs. Mist sprayers are the best way to apply residual sprays to walls, ceilings and other surfaces in barns, loafing sheds and places outside of the milking barn. The interior and shaded outer walls of calf hutches can also be treated with residual sprays. Ultraviolet light breaks down residual sprays, so they should only be applied to shaded areas. Rain will wash residual sprays off treated surfaces. Subsequent applications are necessary to maintain fly control. Residual sprays cannot be used inside milking parlors. Pyrethrin sprays are the preferred treatment in these areas.

Dairy Barn

Spraying tips

You MUST spray and change products and chemical classifications regularly during the fly season for the most effective fly and pest control program.

When spraying livestock, always spray down wind. The 140′ range will allow you to spray from a distance. That means that you can spray large areas and numbers of livestock quickly and efficiently.

As your animals become accustomed to the relief from the mist sprayer and insect control, they will come toward the sprayer 99% of the time.