Golf Course Spraying

Golf courses use mist sprayers to effectively spray fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and foliar fertilizers. Use less chemical and water with better results! Greenskeepers use the A1 Mist Sprayer to cool their greens in the hot summer months and to blow debris (twigs, leaves, grass clippings, trash, etc.) off of fairways and greens.

Fungicide application rates can be reduced 30-35% while retaining effectiveness.

Researchers have found that grass production could be increased by 40-300% at an annual cost of approximately $1.60 per acre or less with the mist sprayer applications.

Insect Control + -

Barrier treatment and application to pest breeding grounds with the A1 Mist Sprayer is the most efficient form of pest and vector control on today’s market. The versatility of the mist sprayer provides you the tool to effectively spray and control mosquitoes, gnats, flies, grasshoppers and ticks with safer chemicals and a longer lasting residual effect. YOU CONTROL THE APPLICATION AREA, RATE AND FREQUENCY.

Foliar Fertilizer Applications + -

Foliar fertilizing is the most rapidly developing system of applying liquid fertilizer. Trace minerals and nutrients applied to above ground parts of plants has been found to be more efficient in conversion and shows quicker utilization by the plant. Most users say foliage quality is greatly improved, especially under stressful conditions.

Debris Clearing Applications + -

An A1 Mist Sprayer can effectively and efficiently clear debris from greens and fairways. The air vortex created by the mist sprayer will lift and move debris without damaging the golf course!