How-To: Prepping Your Mist Sprayer for Spring Spraying
Prepping your mist sprayer for spring spraying reduces the chance of a preventable breakdown once spraying season is in full effect. The following steps will ensure that your mist sprayer is ready for spring spraying.


Perform Visual Inspection

Visually inspect the mist sprayer for broken or loose belts, chains and bolts.

Grease All Bearings

Do not over-grease the bearings. 1-2 pumps of grease is generally enough for this step.

Test Run for Leaks

Fill the mist sprayer tank with water until it’s half filled and perform a test run to determine if there are any leaks. If you find any leaks or broken fittings, fix or replace those parts prior to carrying out your spraying.

Check Pressure

As you are performing your test run, check to see if you have pressure. If there is no pressure…

  1. Check the T-Filter for a plug.
  2. If T-Filter is not plugged, check the pump to see if the pump shaft is spinning (none spinning shaft indicates a lock-up or frozen pump). If the shaft is not spinning, remove pump and spray lubricant into the pump and use a pipe wrench to break free. If the shaft does not break free or spin, replace the pump.
  3. If the pump shaft spins and is not building pressure, replace the pump.

Test If Solenoid Is Working

  1. If solenoid does not open, test to ensure you have a good electrical connection.
  2. Check the pressure (solenoid will not open at pressure greater than 120 PSI).
  3. If you determine that you have a good connection, the solenoid could be gummed up. Remove hoses to solenoid and spray penetration oil into the ports of solenoid and let sit for 20 minutes, while turning on and off about a dozen times. If solenoid still does not open and close, replace the solenoid.

Once you have successfully performed all of these steps, your mist sprayer will be ready to go!*
*Engine driven units require a fully charged 12 volt battery.


Following the steps outlined above for mist sprayer prep will minimize the risk of breakdowns and broken parts during your spraying applications. Should you need additional help, submit a request below and we will be in touch shortly!




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