How To Winterize an A1 Mist Sprayer: Essential Step-By-Step Guide

If you own a mist sprayer and live in a place where the temperature drops below freezing in the winter, then this blog is just for youWhether you own PTO or gas driven mist sprayer, you must prepare it for the winter months. Winterizing your mist sprayer can help ensure it will be ready to go when the warm weather decides to come back around. Below is a step-by-step guide you can easily follow. This guide will help explain what items are needed and the starttofinish process winterizing your A1 mist sprayer 

Tools to help you winterize your sprayer

To make this job easier, we have provided a list of tools that you will need before you begin to winterize your sprayer. This will help you get the job done safe and efficient.  
• 5 Gallons of RV Anti-freeze Liquid       •1 Cup of Oil (Mineral or Vegetable)       •Fuel Stabilizer 

Step-By-Step directions

  1. FLUSH TANK – Fill your tank with clean water, turn on your mist sprayer and flush out clean water through the volute. If you have a spray gun attached to your mist sprayer, make sure you spray until clean water comes through. We recommend doing this process outside in an area where the left-over chemical will not affect your surroundings.  
  2. ADD IN LIQUID(S) – Pour RV anti-freeze and oil into the tank. Run mist sprayer again until pink mist comes through volute. If you have a spray gun attached to your mist sprayer, make sure liquid mixture is flushed through until visible. 
  3. SHUT OFF– Turn off your mist sprayer. Do not drain tank.  
  4. CLOSE UP & DISCONNECT – Tightly screw lid back onto top of the tank and disconnect battery. Tilt volute upright.  
  5. ADD IN FUEL STABILIZER – If you have a gas engine driven mist sprayer, you will need to add fuel stabilizer into the gas engine. 
  6. STORING – Store sprayer inside or covered in a dry and clean place. This will help ensure your investment will be protected from frost damage during the freezing months ahead.  

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