Insect Barrier Control

When it comes to barrier treatment for insect control, A1 Mist Sprayers provides better coverage at a much lower cost than traditional spraying application methods. Whether you need to protect valuable forage areas or seeded crops, A1 Mist Sprayers proves a valuable resource in the fight against insects and other pests.

Benefits of an a1 mist sprayer for insect barrier control

Precise Spraying – A1 Mist Sprayers utilize a high velocity air stream instead of water to distribute the chemical on the targeted spraying area. The chemical is pumped through nozzles into the air stream, creating a fine mist and allowing you to push the mist to your spraying area. Cover more surface area with a mist sprayer compared to a broadcast boom or hand sprayer.

Chemical & Water Savings – With the use of an A1 Mist Sprayer, experience up to a 60% reduction in chemical use and a 90% reduction in water use when you spray.

Versatility – A1 Mist Sprayer units are designed to offer our customers versatility to adapt to their mist spraying needs with an A1 exclusive backflush system*. Whether you need to cover a pasture or keep flies off your cattle in the tight quarters of a pen, A1 offers the flexibility you need.

Insect Barrier Control Applications – A1 Mist Sprayers are designed to aid in the following insect barrier control applications: protection-spraying of valuable forage production areas, such as hay meadows or seeded crops, including alfafa and annual forages, from aphids, bean leaf beetles, bean aphids, grasshoppers, mormon crickets, leaf hoppers, stink bugs, and more!

*Backflush system available on select units.

the a1 advantage

Over the last 40 years, A1 Mist Sprayers has continued to push boundaries in order to go where no other sprayer has before. A1 Mist Sprayers got its start producing mist sprayers for farmers who needed to protect their crops and livestock against unwanted pests, and has since expanded their mist spraying capabilities exponentially to reach new markets and applications. With new needs arising each and every day, A1 Mist Sprayers has, and will continue, rising up to the challenge.

Knowledge & Experience – Backed by 40+ years of experience, A1 Mist Sprayers staff have the expertise to get the perfect mist sprayer for your needs in your hands to get you on your way to better spraying.

Durable & Dependable Products – A1 Mist Sprayers are engineered around quality parts and durability, limiting the maintenance and down-time spent on maintaining your sprayer.

360° Customer Service – From the beginning of the order to when it reaches your doorstep, A1 Mist Sprayers has a knowledgeable customer service staff that provides more answers than questions.

Problem Solving Mentality – Every problem has a solution. With our history, quality and innovation, no problem is too big for us to tackle.


  • Aphids
  • Army Worms
  • Mosquitos

Mist Sprayers for Insect Barrier Control

Sprayer Tank Size Pump Style RPMs Fan Rotation Mist Throw Ideal Transportation Backflush System
Scout 40 Gallon 12V Everflo - 3.0 GPM 540 320° - Electric Vertical 70 Ft
Horizontal 95 Ft
Category 1 Hitch Tractor No
Terminator 60 or 100 Gallon Hypro 6 Roller - 22.0 GPM 540 210° - Electric Vertical 80 Ft
Horizontal 140 Ft
Category 1, 2 & 3 Narrow Quick Hitch Tractor Yes
Titan X 100 Gallon Hypro 6 Roller - 22.0 GPM 540 210° - Electric Vertical 100 Ft
Horizontal 160 Ft
Category 1, 2 & 3 Narrow Quick Hitch Tractor Yes
Sprayer Tank Size Pump Style RPMs Fan Rotation Mist Throw Ideal Transportation Backflush System
Boss 15, 25 or 40 Gallon 12V Everflo - 3.0 GPM 1650 320° - Electric Vertical 40 Ft
Horizontal 75 Ft
UTV or Large ATV No
Cobra 40 Gallon Hypro 4 Roller - 7.2 GPM 2300 320⁰ - Electric Vertical 70 Ft
Horizontal 95 Ft
Ranger 40 or 60 Gallon Hypro 6 Roller - 22.0 GPM 2300 210⁰ - Electric Vertical 70 Ft
Horizontal 130 Ft
Truck, Trailer or Large UTV Yes

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