Insect Barrier Spraying

A1 Mist Sprayers provides you with better coverage at a much lower cost than you would incur with traditional application methods.

Farmers and ranchers may need to consider protection-spraying “barriers” around valuable forage production areas, such as highly productive hay meadows or seeded crops such as alfalfa or annual forages. Protection-spraying may require continual surveys during the summer. As vegetation matures or dries, insects will migrate to the best feeding location with succulent vegetation. Spraying at 2-3 week intervals may be necessary to protect your valuable forage resources.

Barrier treatment with the A1 Mist Sprayer is the most cost effective way to eliminate aphids, bean leaf beetles, bean aphids, grasshoppers, mormon crickets, leaf hoppers, ear worm, corn borer, boll weevils, stink bugs and other insect pests. A1 Mist Sprayers high and low volume mist sprayers create smaller mist size particles in a 0-140 foot air stream that stays low to the ground for the best control and uniform coverage over, under and around plant foliage and objects. Spray your crops directly and spray roadside ditches, waterways, fence rows, field perimeters and hard to reach areas using 1/10th the water and less chemical!