Pasture Spraying

Protecting your land and fence rows from brush, broadleaf weeds and erosion is a sound investment.

Your goal is healthy grasses for your pasture, range, road ditches, livestock production, erosion control, wildlife habitat or foot plots…not brush, weeds or land erosion. Timing is always a must and desirable for all mist sprayer applications. Spray volume will vary between 2-5 gallons per acre. For mist sprayer applications, the lower volume gives better control because the mist sprayer will cover the whole plant (top and underside). No other application method can duplicate a mist sprayer application.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says, “For applying herbicides and silicides, the mist blower is the most fantastic plant killer known. For most brush and forest management operations, mist blowers in the 5-12 HP sizes are most applicable.”

You may use lower herbicide concentrations because many herbicides are effective at concentrations lower than those recommended on the label, especially when combined with a surfactant. Lower concentrations can decrease risks and costs of herbicide treatments. Lower concentrations can also be equally effective; however, the manufacturer cannot guarantee its effectiveness. Test patches of target weeds to find the herbicide concentration that will work best for your spraying program.

A1 Mist Sprayers are great for spraying: bull thistles, Canada thistles, musk thistles, yellowspine thistles, dewberry bushes, blackberry bushes, prickly pear cactus, Russian knapweed, sericia lespediza, multiflora rose, leafy spurge, boatflax, wild buckwheat, yellow startwhistle, cedar trees, skunk bush, shinnery oak, sand sagebrush, salt cedar, honey locust, black locust, and many more!

Always Follow the Suppliers Recommended Application Rates

Mist sprayers are the only way to spray herbicides on your property. The spray range of 140 feet allows you to spray pasture, rangeland, creek banks, levees, roadside ditches, deep valleys, steep terrain, hard to reach and rocky areas while using 1/10th the water and significantly less chemical. Most users effectively spray 38-57 acres with a 60 gallon mist sprayer!

In most cases, one herbicide application with an A1 Mist Sprayer will give you excellent weed and brush control results; however, extreme cases may require 2-3 applications.

The addition of crop oil or other surfactants increases penetration into the plant tissue and reduces evaporation loss and wind drift in pasture and rangeland spraying applications. Most researchers feel that crop oil may even be more effective and 100% better for the environment than diesel fuel. A1 Mist Sprayers recommends using crop oil rather than diesel fuel. Crop oil amounts should be limited to 1-2 pints per acre.

Mist sprayers are 40-50% more efficient than boom or airplane spraying applications!

How an A1 Mist Sprayer can Benefit YOU

  • Option to use less chemical (up to 50%)
  • Option to use less water (up to 1/10th)
  • No booms to contend with or break
  • Spraying range of 10-140 feet
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to use, farmer tough, user friendly
  • Very effective and economical to use
  • Outperforms boom sprayers and aerial applications
  • Multi-use for fence rows, road ditches, grassland under trees, around water ways, ponds and lakes
  • Spray pasture/rangeland for insects easily

Researchers have found that grass production could be increased by 40-300% at an annual cost of approximately $1.80 per acre or less with mist sprayer applications.

For brush and broadleaf spraying. everything affects spraying…drought, freezing weather, hail, sleet, rain, insects, temperature, and most of all, WIND CONDITIONS.

Spraying with an A1 Mist Sprayer during spring, summer or fall for brush and broad-spectrum weed control is a sound investment!