11-Nozzle Vertical Volute

Volute Features: Tackle a wide range of mist blowing applications with this 11-nozzle vertical volute. Featuring adjustable air fins to have a more precise, but wider mist spraying coverage than a standard cannon volute. Includes nozzle strainers and 140-degree blue deflector spray tips.  Made of polyurethane that adds long lasting durability against rust and dents.

Mist Sprayer Compatibility: This 11-nozzle vertical volute is compatible with the Terminator, the Titan, the Ranger, and the Super Duty mist sprayers.

Applications: Perfect for vineyards and row crop farms. Protect your fruits, vegetables, and nuts from pesky weeds and pests.


Part # 34-200074


Shipping: 3-5 Business Days

34-200074 | 15 lbs | 29x24x24

Product Specs

Volute Style # of Nozzles Spray Pattern Material Compatibility
Vertical 11 Vertical Polyurethane The Terminator, The Titan, The Ranger, and The Super Duty


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