2-Nozzle Cannon Volute

Volute Features: Tackle a wide range of mist blowing applications with this exclusive 2-nozzle cannon volute. Featuring a horizontal design that allows for a better mist spray pattern, greater atomization, and droplet distance. Includes nozzle strainers and 80-degree red flat fan spray tips.  Made of polyurethane that adds long lasting durability against rust and dents.

Mist Sprayer Compatibility: This 2-nozzle cannon volute is compatible with the Boss and the Cobra mist sprayers.

Applications: Conquer pests including weeds, mosquitoes, flies and insects in a variety of environments such as parks, playgrounds, golf courses, pastures, barns, stalls and vineyards. This mist volute can also be used to spray fruits, vegetables, nut trees and livestock (cattle, hog, poultry).

Available Options: This volute style is available for The Cobra and Scout, fully plumbed (34-200096) or without plumbing (33-200232). Also available for the Boss fully plumbed (34-200125) or without plumbing (33-200088).


Shipping: 3-5 Business Days

Cobra Plumbed Cannon Volute $145.80
34-200096 | 6 lbs | 20x14x18
Cobra Bare Cannon Volute (No-Plumbing) $97.20
31-200232 | 6 lbs | 20x14x18
Boss Plumbed Cannon Volute $106.25
34-200125 | 6 lbs | 18x12x12
Boss Bare Cannon Volute (No-Plumbing) $91.80
33-200088 | 6 lbs | 18x12x12
Volute Style # of Nozzles Spray Pattern Material Compatibility
Cannon 2 Cone Shaped Polyurethane Boss and Cobra

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