Boss – Tankless 200185

Sprayer Features: Make pests and weeds your subordinates with the Tankless Boss. In minutes, connect this mist sprayer to a sprayer tank and take control.  Keep performance at an all-time high with the 5.5HP Honda GX 160 electric engine.

Installation of the Tankless Boss is a breeze with the self-contained, universal mounting system that requires only 2 ratchet straps.  Frame made of heavy-duty steel that has centralized handles for easy team lifts on/off vehicles. Ideal for UTV or larger ATVs (4-Wheelers). 

Misting Coverage: Make quick work with the 210-degree manual rotating fan that easily mists up to 40 feet vertically and 75 feet horizontally from the A1 exclusive 2-nozzle cannon volute.

Applications: The Boss can be used with a variety of chemical and mist spraying applications that require minimal volume. Tackle a wide range of pests including weeds, mosquitoes, flies and insects. Easily mist spray in a variety environment such as parks, playgrounds, camp sites, pastures, barns, stalls and vineyards. This mist blower can also be used to spray fruits, vegetables and livestock (cattle, hog, poultry).

*Includes New Fan, Frame and Plumbing*

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Product Specs

Fan Rotation Mist Throw RPMs Weight Ideal Transportation
210° - Manual Vertical - 40 Feet
Horizontal - 75 Feet
1650 Empty - Up to 195lbs
Full - Up to 549lbs
UTV or Large ATV

Key Features

  • A1 Exclusive 2-Nozzle Volute w/ Cone Shaped Pattern
  • 7” Huck Riveted, 210 Degree Rotating Manual Fan
  • Light and Compact Honda Engine w/ 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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