Comet APS 41


When it comes to mist spraying that requires more pressure and durability, look no further than the Comet APS-41 diaphragm pump. Featuring an anodized aluminum body and stainless steel valves for increased durability against even the toughest chemicals. Includes a high pressure internal manifold with anodized aluminum heads for less leak points. Easily handle up to 580 PSI while delivering up to 10.8GPM. Includes a universal drive face, 6 flange and convenient mounting rails that give you application flexibility. Approved for use with Round-Up & other agricultural brand herbicides & insecticides. Perfect for use with wettable powders.

Product Specs

# of Diaphragms/Pistons Max Pressure Max GPM Power Supply RPMs Oil Capacity Weight (Dry) Ideal Chemicals Round Up Ready
3 580 PSI 10.8 Gas Engine 550 16.9 oz 22.0 lbs Wettable Powders Yes
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