Delavan 6-Roller Pump


When it comes to mist spraying that requires more pressure and durability, look no further than the Delavan 6-Roller Pump. Designed with cast iron material for increased durability against the harshest chemicals. Easily handle up to 300 PSI while delivering up to 19.6GPM. This 6-roller pump is field serviceable, saving precious time and money. Bearings come permanently-lubricated and are heavy duty. Approved for use with Round-Up & other agricultural brand herbicides, insecticides & fertilizers. Perfect for use with corrosive chemicals.

Product Specs

Max Pressure Max GPM Power Supply RPMs Rotation Max Fluid Temp Material Ideal Chemicals Round Up Ready
300 PSI 19.6 GPM PTO 1,200 Counter-Clock Wise 140° F Cast Iron Corrosive Yes
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