Everflo 3.0 GPM QA Diaphragm Pump


When it comes to mist spraying, the Everflo 12V 5.5 GPM On-Demand 12V Diaphragm Pump is the king of the hill. With premium components & cutting-edge engineering, Everflo provides the flow you need. This pump is loaded with features such as a Honeywell Micro switch, corrosion resistant Viton valves & Santoprene diaphragm, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene pump manifold with quick attach ports. Other features include a silky smooth valve design for faster primes & a unique pressure switch that slowly cycles the pump to reduce wear on the motor & switch. Save battery power with the automatic power switch that turns off pump when no flow is needed. Approved for use with Round-Up & other agricultural brand herbicides & insecticides. CE approved & has standard mounting pattern to fit most sprayer tanks. Can be used for other fluid transfer applications.

Product Specs

Max Pressure Max GPM Power Supply Max Amps Self-Priming Ports Max Fluid Temp Weight (Dry) Round Up Ready
60 PSI 3.0 12 Volt Battery 10.0 Yes (Up to 8') Quick Attach 140° F 5.6 lbs Yes
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