Hypro Silvercast Roller Pumps

Pump Features: When it comes to mist spraying that requires more pressure and durability, look no further than the Hypro silvercast roller pumps. Designed with silvercast material to provide long-lasting durability against the harshest chemicals, compared to a normal cast iron roller pump.  Easily handles up to 300 PSI while delivering up to 21.8 GPM 4-Roller Pump.

Ideal Applications: Approved for use with Round-Up and other agricultural brand herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers. Perfect for use with corrosive chemicals.

Available Options: These Hypro silvercast roller pumps are available in 4 or 6-roller options. The Hypro 4-Roller Pump is available in a clockwise (4101XL) or counter-clockwise (4101XL-R) rotation setup. The Hypro 6-Roller Pump is available in a clockwise (6500XL) rotation setup.


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Hypro Silvercast 4 Roller Pump $583.00
4101XL-R | 6 lbs | 7x6x7
Hypro Silvercast 4 Roller Reverse Pump $632.50
4101XL | 6 lbs | 7x6x7

Product Specs

Part # Max Pressure Max GPM Power Supply RPMs Rotation Max Fluid Temp Material Ideal Chemicals Round Up Ready
4101XL 150 PSI 7.2 GPM PTO 2600 Clockwise 140° F Silvercast Corrosive Yes
4101XL-R 150 PSI 7.2 GPM PTO 2600 Counter-Clockwise 140° F Silvercast Corrosive Yes
6500XL 300 PSI 21.8 GPM PTO 1200 Clockwise 140° F Silvercast Corrosive Yes

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