Sump Bottom Bulk Tanks

Tank Features: Give yourself an upgrade or replacement with several of our Bulk Sump Bottom Tanks. Featuring translucent walls with raised volume markings to read fluid levels throughout application. Made of polyethylene and UV stabilizers to protect against the harshest elements and chemicals.

Approved for use with Round-Up® and other agricultural brand herbicides and insecticides. Can be used for replacement on a wide range of mist sprayers or used for convenient spot spraying. Tank lid and drain port cap not included.

Available Options: Tanks are available in 40, 60, and 100 gallon options. Bulk tanks with flat bottoms also available.


Shipping: 3-5 Business Days

40 Gallon Tank with Sump $111.99
33-103274 | 50 lbs | 27x27x37
60 Gallon Tank with Sump $166.57
33-103275 | 40 lbs | 48x42x32
100 Gallon Tank with Sump $400.00
33-103297 | 75 lbs | 48x42x34

Tank Specs

Available Tank Sizes Material Translucent Walls Glyphosate Compatible UV Stabilized Round Up Ready
40, 60, & 100 Gallons Polyethylene Yes Yes Yes Yes

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