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Sprayer Features: Make pests and weeds remember the Titan X. This mist sprayer features a belt-driven, cast iron Hypro 6-roller pumping system that is excellent for applying soluble powders, emulsions, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Comes complete with a wiring harness that can adjust throttle speed, fan rotation and liquid on/off controls. Features a side mounted safety control center that includes a line strainer, pressure gauge, pressure regulator, tank drain valve and back flush system.

Frame made of heavy-duty steel that has a stump jumper design. Lift on/off vehicles with the easy to use forklift holes. Standard with a PTO shaft. 

Misting Coverage: Show true grit with the chain and sprocket, 210 degree electric rotating fan that mists up to 100 feet vertically and 160 feet horizontally from the A1 exclusive 4-nozzle cannon volute.

Applications: The Titan X can be used with a variety of chemical and mist spraying applications that require more volume. Tackle a wide range of pests including weeds, flies and insects. Easily mist spray in a variety of environments such as camp grounds, pastures and barns. This mist blower can also be used to spray brush, fence lines, fruits, vegetables and livestock (cattle, hog, poultry).

Available Options: The Titan X is available in a 100 gallon tank option. They are also available with a 2-way orchard/vineyard volute or a hose reel with 50 feet of hose.

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Product Specs

Tank Size Pump Style Fan Rotation Mist Throw RPMs Weight Ideal Transportation
100 Gallon Hypro 6 Roller - 22GPM 210° - Electric Vertical - 100 Ft Horizontal - 160 Ft 540 PTO Speed Empty - 570lbs Full - 1370lbs Category 1, 2 & 3 Narrow Quick Hitch Tractor

Key Product Features

  • A1 Exclusive 4-Nozzle Volute w/ Cone Shaped Pattern
  • 15” Huck Riveted, 210 Degree Rotating Electric Fan
  • Heavy-Duty 12V Rotary Motor That Rotates Fan w/out Use of Hydraulic Hoses
  • Side Mounted Safety Control Center w/ Easy To Clean Back Flush System

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