So You Want to Learn About Fly Control?
Are you tired of flies pestering your cattle? In order to maintain the integrity and health of your cattle, it is necessary to control these flies before they cause any damage. Learn more about the most common flies and the effects that they can have on cattle.


Flies & Their Effects on Cattle

Horn Flies
Yearling cattle weight can be reduced as much as 18%, reducing weights gains by 10-50 pounds. Horn flies have also been shown to reduce milk production by 20%.

Face Flies
The face fly transfers the “pink-eye” organism. Studies have shown that pink eye treatments result in a loss of $150 million per year. Additionally, reduced weight gains and milk production may become an issue due to irritation caused by face fly feeding.

Stable Flies
Stable flies cause serious problems in feedlots, dairies and pastures. They can reduce weight gains in beef feedlot animals by 13-20%, and yearling weight gain by 47 pounds per day.

To learn more about these flies and the effects that they can have on cattle, visit our Fly Spraying page.


Why is Fly Control Important?

Weaning Weight
Did you know that a fly typically lives a 2-week lifecycle? During this short amount of time, flies can have a big impact on livestock. Studies have shown that calf weaning weights can be negatively impacted, anywhere from 4-15%, when flies are not properly controlled. When flies are properly controlled on mother cows, studies have demonstrated that calf weaning weights were 10-20 pounds higher.

Animal Health
A fly problem can add up to serious animal health issues. Flies can carry diseases such as pinkeye, mastitis, anthrax, tuberculosis, and many more. Due to these issues, cattlemen may lose $10-14 per head each year and as much as $25-33 per year from face fly infestations.


Which A1 Mist Sprayer is Right for Me?

Our expert staff at A1 Mist Sprayers recommends any of our 3-point mist sprayers for fly control, as they produce less noise during cattle spraying application. No matter the sprayer you choose, we recommend using 3 different types of fly spray to ensure best results when controlling flies. Alternate a manmade chemical with a natural chemical to ensure the flies do not develop an immunity.

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