Troubleshooting Your MIST Sprayer

While A1 Mist Sprayers are designed with quality components that provide everlasting performance, there may come a time when you need troubleshooting. Below is a wide range of troubleshooting solutions to help get your mist sprayer up and running.  If you are still having issues, please give our Customer Support a call at  877-924-2474 or send an email via our Contact page.

NOTE: Before servicing your mist sprayer always wear protective gear, empty & flush tank, and disconnect the power to the sprayer.

Mist Sprayer Has No Pressure + -
  • Ball Valve – Check that your ball valve is in the PUMP position.
  • T-Filter – Inspect to ensure there is no debris plugging the line.
  • Pump Belt – Inspect that the set-screws for pump belt are tight.
  • Pump – Replace.
  • Key Switch Fuse – Replace.
Mist Sprayer Isn't Spraying + -
  • Pressure – Check to see if mist sprayer has pressure. If not, following steps in “Mist Sprayer No Pressure”.
  • Tips & Nozzle Filters – Remove to check for any blockages or debris.
  • Solenoid – Inspect to see that everything is properly connected and have clean connections. Replace solenoid if not.
  • Key Switch Fuse – Replace.
Remote Control Not Working With Engine Driven Mist Sprayer + -
  • Battery – Test for a charge and check for proper/clean connections.
  • Remote Battery – Check remote and remote batteries.
  • Remote Receiver – Check connection for loose or dirty. Replace.
Reprogramming Remote With Engine Driven Mist Sprayer
+ -

There is three steps to get your remote control reprogrammed for your engine driven mist sprayer.

  • Place a powerful magnet over the LEARN on the receiver for 5 seconds. (check manual to see the location)
  • Press one of the fan rotation arrows on the remote. The fan should move.
  • Remove the magnet.
PTO Driven Mist Sprayer Fan Not Rotating + -
  • Wire Harness – Inspect to see if connected cleanly to solenoid and battery.
  • Fuse – Inspect under control box.
  • Rotation Motor – Check for proper/clean connections.
Fan Rotating In One Direction + -
  • Relays – Inspect behind back shield if blown. Replace.
  • Limit Switches – Inspect for proper placement.

Maintenance Q & A

Tips For A Mist Sprayer User + -
  • Always flush mist sprayer plumbing system right after spraying to prevent build up. Doing this will extend the life of pump.
  • During the first use of new mist sprayer,  take a break for two hours and check tightness of nuts, bolts and belt tension.
  • Grease all bearings on mist sprayer twice a year.
  • Annually service the engine of engine driven mist sprayer.
  • Remove and clean T-filter every time the plumbing is flushed to remove any sediment buildup.
  • Before each use of mist sprayer, always check the tightness and position of spray tips and nozzles.
  • For smooth operation, always ensure PTO is properly connection and level to the ground for a PTO driven mist sprayer.
  • A mist sprayer should always be covered and stored when not in use to prevent unnecessary weathering.
  • On a monthly basis, check electrical connections for being loose or collecting moisture.
  • A dead battery is the number one cause of remotes not functioning.
Where Are The Grease Zerks On An A1 Mist Sprayer + -

Depending on the mist sprayer you have, an A1 mist sprayer will have 2-4 grease zerks. Here is where you will find them.

  • Terminator & Titan – four grease zerks on the fan shaft. Two on the fly wheel shaft and two on the PTO.
  • Ranger & Super Duty – four grease zerks on the fan shaft.
  • Boss & Cobra – two grease zerks on the fan shaft.
How To Tighten Fan Shaft Belt On A Terminator or Titan Mist Sprayer + -

The fan shaft plate is connected by two bolts, with one of them having a slotted hole. Loosening those two bolts and then pry the plate down on the the side that has the slotted hole. While maintaining pressure, tighten the bolts down and the plate will remain in place. Doing this will increase the tension of the belt.

Type of Oil Needed For Engine Driven Mist Sprayer + -

An A1 engine driven mist sprayer needs non-detergent 30W oil.

Type of Fuel Needed For Engine Driven Mist Sprayer + -

An A1 engine driven mist sprayer run off premium unleaded fuel. No ethanol or ethanol blends should be used.

Best Way To Clean Mist Sprayer Plumbing + -

The most effective way to clean a mist sprayer’s plumbing is to either purchase a tank cleaner from your local agricultural center or use a mixture of ten gallons of water and one gallon of ammonia. Add the water first, then ammonia and spray the mixture out to clean the entire plumbing system.

Best Way To Clean Solenoid On Mist Sprayer + -

Disconnect all hoses from the solenoid and spray penetrating oil into all ports. Let this sit for 30 minutes and turn the solenoid on/off 10 times to push the oil through the solenoid mechanism. Once this is done, reconnect hoses and flush mist sprayer with water

Best Way To Determine Solenoid Has Gone Bad + -

Disconnect the solenoid from the wiring harness and connect twelve volts of electricity to the solenoid pins. If solenoid is good, there will be an audible clicking sound when electricity is applied. If not, time to replace the solenoid.