“Mist Sprayers are preferred for livestock insect control applications. I recommend Mist Sprayers over ULV applications for mosquito control.” Dr. Mike Catangui, PHD, Livestock Entomologist specializing in poultry, swine, dairy and beef

“The John Day Company endorses A1 as our source for Mist Sprayers. A1 continues to be a leader in the manufacturing of Mist Sprayers and their use in the Agricultural and Commercial markets.”-Says Kent Zimmerman, John Day Company Agricultural Sales Manager. John Day Company is the most respected Farm Equipment Distributor in the Midwest, with offices in Milan, IL, Redwood Falls, MN, and Omaha, NE.


“I like using my A1 Mist Sprayer for spraying pastures and brush. I have been using one for approximately 10 years with good results and cost efficiency. The people at A1 are very good to work with and knowledgeable.” -Says Dr. Phil Kramper, DVM, Willis Animal Clinic, of Jackson, NE.

“I grow sweet corn and pumpkins for retail. I have been using a 3PT A1 Mist Sprayer for 2 years, spraying insecticides and fungicides with excellent results. I feel we get better results with the mist sprayer over the boom sprayer using less water and no booms to contend with.” -Says David Box, Box Farms, of Kansas City, MO.

“I recently purchased a PTO driven sprayer from your company. What a great piece of equipment. My ranch had a grasshopper infestation exceeding 250 hoppers per square yard. One pass with your machine totally, I MEAN TOTALLY, eliminated them. Great design, simple to assemble, and most of all effective.” -Says John Fraser, Wild Horse Cattle Co., Wild Horse, NV.


“I used an A1 Mist Sprayer on my course and fell in love with it. I found so many uses for it, from spraying greens, blowing leaves off the fairways, to mosquito control. I just had to have it included in my utility fleet. No matter what course I may work at, I will always find a use for my A1 Mist Sprayer.” -Says Dave Nelson, Akron Golf Course Superintendent, of Akron, IA.

“I recently purchased a 3 point PTO driven mist sprayer from A1 Mist Sprayers. I am strictly a row crop operation and spray field borders, fence rows, and road ditches with my mist sprayer. I also spot treat for Johnson grass with outstanding results. I would say if you don’t have an A1 Mist Sprayer in your farm operation, you are making your job a lot harder than necessary.” -Says Robert Miles of Nabb, IN.

“I have used an A1 Mist Sprayer for over 13 years to spray my cattle for fly control. When the cattle get used to you spraying them, they will come to the sprayer and stand to let you drive around them. I do not pen them up. We also spray our pasture for brush and broadleaf control with very good results and a real cost saving over boom spraying or airplane spraying. Another benefit of the mist spray is for spraying grasshoppers with good to excellent control! I would recommend an A1 Mist Sprayer to all farmers and ranchers.” -Says Carl Koenig, Rancher/Cow/Calf Operation, of Fairfax, SD.