The Secret to Chemical & Water Savings
Interested in how a mist sprayer provides a huge bonus in comparison to other spraying methods? Mist sprayers use less chemical and water during applications, saving you money on all your mist spraying applications!


chemical & water savings

An A1 Mist Sprayer uses anywhere from 10-50% less chemical and 90% less water than a traditional spot or broadcast sprayer uses. How it this possible, you ask? Each A1 unit uses a high velocity air stream instead of water to distribute the chemical to the targeted spraying area. The chemical is pumped through the nozzles into the air stream, creating a fine mist and allowing you to push the mist to your targeted area.

Our units allow you to control the distance, target area and direction of spray, depending on wind. All of these factors add up to increased spraying control to limit the amount of wasted chemical during application.


precise spraying

In addition to the high velocity air stream used to save on chemical and water during applications, an A1 Mist Sprayer also provides you with the option to upgrade to a 2-way volute. The 2-way volute is specifically designed to allow growers to reach rows on both sides of the mist sprayer simultaneously. The volute allows the mist sprayer to cover more surface area compared to a traditional broadcast boom or hand sprayer.

The 2-way volute is especially useful for fruit & vegetable, orchard and vineyard applications.



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